Vinturi Spirit Aerator Review

Vinturi Spirits Aerator

Professional bartenders knows that spirits improve with aeration. The more you appreciate fine spirits, the more you’ll appreciate the difference in taste. Flavor enhancements confirmed with undiluted Scotch, Cognac, Port, Tequila, Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Brandy, Sake, and Liqueurs. Vinturi Spirits Aerator is a good value and it’s getting great reviews. $34.95 from Vinturi Aerators

“I must admit I was a bit skeptical about this Vinturi Spirit Aerator and the promise that it will actually enhance the spirits that flow through it. After now using it for a few weeks I can testify the product really does work. Side-by-side tests confirm. My bourbons poured through this product have more “nose” and I can clearly pick up on nuances that otherwise would not come through. If you are a serious bourbon drinker, this product is a must.”

“I did the old side-by-side non aerated to aerated single shot taste test. For the really cheap clear alcohol all I can say it does is make it have less of a burn while drinking and actually smooths out the after taste to a nice fade off. As for higher end, scotch in my case, I tried a 12 year single malt & a 17 year old single malt. Starting with the 17 year old scotch, this stuff is smooth and great to begin with, the side-by-side test concluded with the aerated scotch being much more floral/aromatic, the after taste was MUCH more enjoyable as it seemed to melt into a buttery feeling and just faded off into bliss.”

“We have the wine aerators and thought that we would give this one a try. It definitely makes a difference. Vinturi Spirit Aerators are machine washable and pretty durable.”

Available to purchase from Vinturi for $34.95


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